Predecessor company Chemiehandel Dr. Wolfgang Doerner, distributor of specialty chemicals is found by Dr. W. M. Doerner in Essen, Germany. Based on experience and knowledge on industry requirements, first product lines include Azo polymerization initiators, reaction inhibitors. Extensive sourcing in Russia and other countries from former Eastern block, and Asia.
All requirements for chemical regulations are operated inhouse.


Chemiehandel Dr. Wolfgang Doerner intensifies strategic partnership with producers in the field. Target industries are industries based on polymerization processes of acrylates, and paint and ink industry.


First commercial quantities of water soluble Azo polymerization initiators can be supplied by Chemiehandel.

1998 - 2002:

Based on customer requirements on occupational health and safety, inhouse development of different delivery systems is started. Benchmarking of safe supply techniques in pharmaceutical and chemical industry in relation to products in portfolio and quantities involved. The first development to reach commercial scale in 1998: a "mini big pack" holding 25 kg of water soluble Azo initiators. 2002, successful public launch of delivery system (5 kg units) water soluble Azo initiator packed in water soluble bags (PVA). Synazo is exclusive Sublicencee for Europe (except Kemira, its subsidiaries and affiliates) of HPL's sole licence agrement to Temsa patent EP 1620473B1 on supply systems for water soluble Azo initiators in water soluble bags.


Service unit on regulatory affairs starts activity. Inhouse experience on chemical regulation is supplied to external clients in industry. Services include support in registration of biocides, dossier creation (IUCLID 4) and accompanying measures. This service unit is core unit to form, in 2008, sister company Synazo GmbH with focus on REACh. Synazo GmbH is also active in sourcing other specialties on customer request.

2006 - 2008:

REACh preparation phase.


Synazo e.K. is found to take over activities from Chemiehandel, it's direct predecessor. (Transfer of all activities to be completed in 2010.)


Successful pre-registrations of all substances.
Synazo e.K. probably holds the record in the very first entries into ECHA database.
Synazo GmbH is established to adress other companies' needs on support in EU regulations on chemicals (OR services).


Successful Registrations of all substances.


Re-naming to Synazo Initiators e.K. and concentration of all activities at Nuremberg office.


Move of office to new location (still at the beautiful city of Nuremberg).